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How to get ready for Matric Exams at this moment of Covid19 Coronavirus

The 2020 Matric class never anticipated the shock that trapped them, they thought is will be a normal year, normal class and normal exam. Learners never thought there will be 21 days of no school, no teaching and no group studies since the South Africa is under a lock down.

Here are 2 advantages to tap into.

2020 Matric Exam Timetable

Learner must know whats happening and when considering the May/June exam because thats the nearest challenge. Know how far apart are your subjects and allocate your time accordingly. You can download a 2020 Matric Exam Timetable PDF printable from Department of Education or

Have your Past Exam Papers ready

The best way to prepare for exam is to study with past matric exam papers and memorandum on hand, so you can tackle questions and be able to correct yourself afterwards. Again past exam papers are available for download on DOE or

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