South Africa

South African medical tourism amid COVID19

All over the world there health system is collapsing due to the number of coronary’s cases on hand. Was our health system capable to start with? Maybe not, so whats the alternative or where else can the population receive medical attention. Below are three countries to receive medical attention.

South Africa

Due to its low currency and classified as a developing country, South Africa is know for its affordable medical services for tourists, to an extent that with the same budget, one can purchase a ticket, accommodation and site seeing with the same amount that can barely get you medical attention you need.

All medical field like, cosmetic surgery, heart related, dental procedures and so on are available and done with specialists. Great medical success history and done at a fraction of the developed countries costs.


Never mind the population in India, but 4 in 10 people cannot affair a decent medical attention though its at its lowest. Most of Indian medical doctors would get wok oversees, since there is a low demand in their profession. There is no competition and that makes prices to lie low.


This island is known for its honeymoon paradises and wedding kingdoms, 5 in 10 people is a tourist who is staying for more than a week or so. But medical services are very affordable.

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