RICHARD MILBURN ALTER HIGH SCHOOL (CORPUS CHRISTI) mission is to provide the best environment that prepares students to function as Entrepreneurs, Workers, and Citizens in a Globalized World. We restore the promise of full academic enrichment to students with learning differences. Our staff establishes a meaningful connection with each student to overcome barriers to success. 8307880198 RICHARD MILBURN ALTER HIGH SCHOOL (CORPUS CHRISTI)

Exam Calendar And Schedule

With avarage attendance of 206,38 students. Each school has a locale code of 7 or 8? NO. FY 2011 Title II, Part A allocation amount is around $21 241.

The term examinations can be reviewed by parents through the School Examination Analysis System (SAPS).

  • UPSR exam
  • Religious Primary School Assessment (PSRA)
  • KAFA Class Assessment Test (UPKK)
  • Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR)
  • Primary School Assessment (PASR)
  • Special Education Primary School Curriculum (KSSR PK )
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